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Our Portfolios

Propel Capital invests in organizations and people working to advance progressive issues and elected leadership, expand economic opportunity through inclusive access to capital, and reform the criminal justice system. We focus on creative solutions to complex challenges, recognizing that game-changing ideas and exceptional leadership exist across sectors, demographics, and geographies. Learn more about our portfolios below.

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Propel Democracy

We invest in rising leaders and early- and growth-stage organizations with a clear vision and strategy for building progressive power. Organizations within our portfolio play a critical role in local, state-wide, and national elections, and represent diverse approaches that foster strategic experimentation and collaboration. This work includes creative, tactical approaches to building electoral power now as well as strengthening grassroots organizing and voter engagement capacity to ignite and sustain long-term transformation.


Source: Good Pitch


Propel Opportunity

We seek to ensure that economic opportunity is equitably distributed, enabling the majority - as opposed to the few - to thrive economically. Through our impact investing, we employ an integrated capital approach to catalyze broad adoption of business and investment practices that consider social and environmental impact. In the US, we focus on companies that create and support thriving wage jobs and organizations that foster healthy local economies.


Source: SHOFCO


Propel Justice

We provide catalytic support for organizations committed to ending mass incarceration and reforming the criminal justice system. In our grantmaking, we prioritize elevating the leadership of system-impacted people, spearheading strategies to hold decision makers – such as judges and elected officials -- accountable, and designing actionable ways the criminal justice system can operate differently right now.

Source: Center for Prison Education


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