Sister District Project, (SDP)

The Brennan Center for Justice’s most recent report entitled "Extreme Gerrymandering and the 2018 Elections" states that "because of maps designed to favor Republicans, Democrats would need to win by a nearly unprecedented nationwide margin in 2018 to gain control of the House of Representatives." Sister District’s mission is to win back power in the states in order to overcome the anti-democratic effect of unfair maps. In pursuit of this mission, the organization channels donor capacity and volunteers towards critical down-ballot state races that bring strategic opportunity for Democrats for not just flipping a seat, but for having a long term impact on national elections. In May, Sister District announced their second wave of races, bringing their total to 21 state legislative candidates in five strategic states. With over 65 Sister District teams fundraising, phone-banking, and knocking on doors, it’s exciting to see their impact on the midterms take shape. This model has already proven successful in 2017 when Sister District won 14 out of their 15 target state races.

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