Interested in learning more about how to advance progressive issues, expand economic opportunity, and reform the criminal justice system? Here are some resources we love:

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  • ACRONYM’s database of digital organizing tools: ACRONYM, a Propel Democracy partner, is a digital organization committed to winning elections and building digital infrastructure for the progressive movement. Their digital organizing tools assessment was created for organizers, by organizers. Check it out to compare user experience, features, and pricing for the top digital organizing tools currently available.

  • B Lab’s impact assessment tool: B Lab, a Propel Opportunity partner, is a non-profit organization dedicated to using the power of business as a force for good. 50,000 + businesses currently use B Lab’s free, confidential impact assessment tool to better understand their social and environmental impact. The assessment can help you learn what it takes to build a better business for your workers, community, environment, and customers.

  • “Toward the Efficient Impact Frontier,” a Winter 2017 Stanford Social Innovation Review article on efficient impact investing: This article outlines how Root Capital, a Propel Opportunity partner, is using ideas from mainstream financial analysis to calibrate the role that subsidies play in their investing practice. As the field of impact investing reaches a new stage of maturity, leading social finance organizations such as Root Capital are committed to the work of effectively evaluating investment options and impact. 

  • Vera Institute of Justice’s policy brief, “An Unjust Burden: the Disparate Treatment of Black Americans in the Criminal Justice System”: This brief from Vera, Propel Justice partner, presents an overview of the ways in which America’s history of racism and oppression continues to manifest in the criminal justice system, and a summary of research demonstrating how the system perpetuates the disparate treatment of black people. We consider this required reading for anyone working to reform the criminal justice system.

  • Way to Win’s guide to progressive political giving: Propel Democracy partner Way to Win is a resource and strategy hub founded in 2017 by a group of donors and organizers seeking a new approach to progressive political funding that wins elections, advances transformative policy, and builds lasting power. Their innovative donor strategy learns from mistakes of the past and promotes a forward-thinking comprehensive strategy to win, focusing on year-round funding, local field organizing, digital strategies, and more.


At Propel Capital, we use 100% of our invested assets and purchasing power to advance our mission. Here are a few of the impact vendors and service partners we recommend:

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  • A/B is a fully integrated communications practice with a radically different approach to political storytelling. Designed with today’s mission-driven institution in mind, A/B helps their partners fundamentally transform the debate on issues that matter most. By bringing creative strategy and the latest technology, A/B helps high impact organizations, innovative philanthropic efforts and other impact ventures grow the influence and impact of their ideas.

  • ImpactAssets closes the gap between impact investing interest and action by providing products for philanthropists and individual investors. Since its inception, ImpactAssets has become the leading facilitator of direct impact investing within donor advised funds. Their portfolio represents more than 300 impact investment positions and $425 million in assets. 

  • Westaway is a law-firm specializing in serving social entrepreneurs, non-profits, for-profits, benefit corporations and B Corps. Westaway’s unique transparent pricing and innovative business model optimizes efficiency and innovation. They provide a variety of services, including incorporation, funding, intellectual property, employment, contracts, mergers & acquisitions, impact evaluation and general counsel.