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Propel Democracy invests in catalytic grants for rising leaders and early- and growth-stage organizations with a clear vision and strategy for building progressive power. Organizations within the portfolio have the potential to lead a generational transformation in American electoral politics – each representing creative, diverse approaches that foster strategic experimentation and collaboration.

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leverage the surge of new political engagement since the 2016 election

strengthen grassroots organizing and voter engagement capacity

employ creative, tactical approaches to building electoral power


A Coalition for the Future

Strengthening multi-issue, cross-racial, and cross-class coalitions is critical to building lasting progressive power in this country.  Propel Democracy prioritizes support for communities that are historically underrepresented in positions of political power and leadership, including people of color and low-income and working-class people, believing that investment in the leadership of communities as well as in strategies to harness new electoral energy, will produce more robust, progressive policies and institutions working for the benefit of the majority of Americans, instead of an elite few.

To advance this goal ahead of the coming elections, Propel Democracy is supporting organizations that:


Partnering for Impact

Propel Democracy organizations are entrepreneurial, collaborative, and dogged in their pursuit of a more just and equitable future for this country.  We select catalytic changemakers and work to accelerate their impact, individually and collectively, guided by these key principles:

  • Work towards the big picture.  With limited resources and enormous electoral obstacles, groups will need to share data, resources, and credit.  We support leaders who are ambitious in their scope yet operate with humility and keep the larger goals of greater progressive power at the forefront of their work.

  • Move fast and adapt.  Organizations will need the flexibility to pivot as new opportunities and challenges arise. As funders, we expect those on the front lines to strategically hone their approaches, and be entrepreneurial and creative in their solutions.  To maximize flexibility, the fund supports 501c3, 501c4, and 527 organizations and, whenever possible, provides general operating support.

  • Invest beyond the dollars.  While direct funding is critical, organizations and leaders will need to navigate unforeseen challenges, mobilize donors, and access new networks and resources.  As partners, we listen, help problem-solve, and share networks and other resources when needed.


Who We Support



Propel Democracy is an independent initiative fully funded by Propel Capital that does not accept outside contributions. Funding from Propel Democracy is intended to increase engagement in the electoral process, particularly from communities historically underrepresented in positions of political power.  Entities receiving funds are publicly available on this site.